sermonOne of the perks of being adopted into the Body of Christ, is the amazing support system you inherit. God uses our brothers and sisters to lift us up, comfort us, and keep us moving, when we can’t find the strength.

Like many addicts, my brother turned to support from AA, but what happens within the walls of those meetings can only help so far. Ben had to make the decision to relinquish control, and make changes in his daily life, back home in order to experience healing and change.

A sermon doesn’t have the power to save lives. The walls of a church, the Sunday School lessons can’t be enough to change someone’s life.

Going through all the right motions is meaningless, if you don’t break down the wall around your heart and let those lessons and messages sink in to the core of who you are. You have to make the changes yourself, in your life, in your relationships, in your workplace, home, and marriage.

Satan thoroughly enjoys building a wall around your heart. With each brick he piles on doubt, fear, anxiety, pride, envy and more, preventing you from truly experiencing the life that God had for you.

Stop living your life, simply going through the motions. Life is short and precious, so take the time to enjoy, take the time to fight Satan, and allow God’s truth to rule in  your heart, so that you may have life to the fullest!