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The Why

Matthew 22:37-40

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

The Why Us

At Meadowlake Church we live out Jesus’ Commandment by proclaiming in word and action Everyone is a Precious Child of God.

But because our society, educational system, and economic system operate like some people are more precious than others we are called to work for a better community. One of the defining factors on educational success is literacy, household access to reading materials in the home, and lifelong learning.

In this season Meadowlake Church is ready to make a Big Impact of love in our community in the area of literacy. 

The What

Project L.I.T. of Huntersville (Literacy Initiative Team) 

We will love our neighbors as the Precious Children of God that they are through the ministry of Project L.I.T. (Literary Initiative Team).

Improving Literacy of our community members improves our future! It is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being. The Literacy Initiative Team seeks to assist Huntersville in becoming a more literate community resulting in a more dynamic, Innovative and positive place to live. 


To develop relationships with children and their families in Huntersville, NC as we help them build academic skills by offering tools and resources to improve literacy. 



Open the “LIT for Reading” Mobile Library 

    • We will provide students and their families in targeted areas in Huntersville with access to free, age appropriate books on an ongoing basis. Research shows that self -selected reading ( choosing your own book) helps grow confidence, ownership and autonomy as both readers and learners! Students need the chance to choose their own books regardless of Lexile level, genre, or page count. They also need the experience of picking out the perfect book as well as the right to abandon a book if it doesn’t work for them! 
    • Establish LIT Home libraries We will assist in setting up a home LIT library (of at least 20 books) to every home in Huntersville that has children living or visiting in it! Research shows that books in the home matter! There is a direct correlation in the number of books in a child’s home to their academic achievement! Helping to build home libraries is a high impact, low cost way to boost children’s academic performance.

 Provide LIT Reading Buddies

      •  We will assist in pairing a LIT Reading Buddy to any child in Huntersville that is interested in shared reading. Giving a child a book has a positive impact on a child’s reading behavior and motivation to read but The size of this impact grows when reading time is shared with someone.

 Encourage participation in the LIT “Reading for Fun” Challenge 

    • We will offer a LIT Reading Challenge every quarter ( 4 challenges total ) to encourage students to READ for enjoyment ! Research shows that reading logs that require students to read a certain number of pages or number of minutes a day can kill the joy of reading! But Challenges can be fun and tap into the student’s creative side! Students can participate individually or with their family! And there will be prizes awarded for completion of the challenges!