Sunday Service
We Begin With Music

A few minutes before Worship begins our fantastic, live band plays contemporary Christian songs to help us prepare our hearts for Worship. Our band continues to play uplifting, and inspirational music at the beginning and conclusion of our Worship Service. This provides us the opportunity to Worship the Lord together throughout our services.


We open each service with announcements to help our congregation and visitors stay informed of the latest happenings of our church family.


Prayers For The People

Unlike any church around, we also have a portion of our Worship Service, called Prayers for the People. We are firm believers in the power of prayer. As a visitor or member of our family, we invite you to share your prayer requests and praises with us. Prayers for the People is a time  when we share what is on our hearts, and it provides us an opportunity to pray together over specific needs. We also continue to pray individually throughout the week for all of these specific requests.

The Message

Pastor Fred’s Messages are based on God’s Word in the Bible, guided by the Holy Spirit, and are focused on issues which affect our daily lives and our lives as men and women who seek to live as faithful followers of Jesus. Each week, there are specific “take-always” (often in some tangible form, such as a reminder card or an object) to help take the Message out into the week.

The Messages are presented in series’ of several months in order to provide continuity and a more complete exploration of the issue or book of the Bible. The Message is preceded on Friday afternoon with a Friday-Sunday Connection to give an opportunity to read the Scripture and think about how the Message might impact our lives or the lives of others that we can impact.

The Message is followed during the week with the Sunday-Monday Connection that summarizes the Message and suggests a specific “connection” for the week.