We heard an eye-opening message from Olivia Street, one of our current Youth Group Members. Olivia had a life changing moment a few weeks ago. She admits prior to this moment, she was having “teenage drama,” over something she later realized was of no importance at all. She then paused on her walk home to sit under a tree. After 20 minutes of sitting under the tree, she felt something holding her back. She knew she couldn’t stand up, because she felt God literally holding her in place. Thankfully she listened, and a moment later a lady walked by visibly upset and crying. She walked past to sit on a bench a little past Olivia.

Olivia once again, felt God moving in her heart, but this time He was calling her to action. Olivia walked over to the woman, asked if she could sit and chat with her a while. It turns out this lady, Darleen, had just lost her son that day in a pretty tragic way. After spending some time talking and loving on her, Darleen told Olivia she was so thankful that God had sent her.

Olivia immediately bursting at the seams with excitement realized that for the first time she could feel the Holy Spirit moving in her heart and in her life in a real way!