sermonJesus wants to bless us and use us to be a blessing – by being peace makers…for all of us to be at peace with each other and with God!

When we look at our world, and our own worlds, we see that peace is in short supply. The reason becomes obvious…the peace makers are also in short supply…

Jesus wants to change that – by setting us on fire for making peace, challenging us to treat and relate to each other, not as our world does, but as he does, “finding beauty in everyone”!

Would you like for your relationships, for all of the dysfunctional and divisive relationships in our worlds to be filled with his blessing of peace, with mutual-blessing beauty?

What is there in the Scripture (Matthew 5:9,43-48; Romans 12:12-21, Jesus’ call to join his family by being a peacemaker; Paul’s guidance for overcoming evil) can ignite the flames, fan the flames, in you to bless and be blessed with beauty and peace?