A Group Called ONE

This amazing movement is just beginning, check out

 “Summer of ONE Christine Lekovich” on Youtube …

When Paul wrote to the Philippians, they were already a racially blended group, however at the beginning of this summer, we were not.


We had to come to terms with the fact that there were differences between us, but they weren’t the lies that society tries to feed us. We had to learn to celebrate what makes us unique and special, and celebrate the differences instead of trying to hide from them. We needed to accept God’s grace and peace, so that we could then extend it to each other.


We realized that acknowledging the fact that, yes, there are differences between us, that this didn’t make one group better or higher than the other, and that no one person fits perfectly into a stereotypical mold. We ‘ve come to see that we need to establish a safe place where we feel comfortable being ourselves without offending someone else.


We live in a world that is so sensitive to everyone being equal, and “if you see color than you must be racist!” Well unless you are colorblind, you will notice that some people have black skin, and some have white skin. That doesn’t make you racist it simply means you can see. God created us different from each other, but not just in skin tone but also in many beautiful ways. The fact that this group, ONE, learned how to notice color and appreciate it is what makes them so special! Regardless of skin color we are ALL different in some ways, the same in others, and that is awesome!


Simply pretending that there wasn’t a wall dividing these two groups did no one any favors and in fact put this awkward tension in the air that we couldn’t tear down! It made it impossible for us to relax and form true, genuine friendships!


In Philippians 2, Paul shows us that by being united as ONE body, ultimately we learn to have the same mindset of Jesus Christ! He came to this earth, not to be served but to SERVE!

And His service is strictly about LOVE!

Love one another as He loves us.

Despite differences in skin tone, financial status, popularity and more … just LOVE ONE ANOTHER!


That is what it’s all about! That is what ONE is seeking to do!


CONNECTION:  Get out of your comfort zones a little bit. Be courageous enough to go out into the world and let Jesus love people through you! He needs all of us to be His instruments of change in this world.